Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The diagnosis...

Wow...where to begin???? My journey began with a doctor's visit that I made because the bottoms of my feet were getting more and more painful. My doctor sent me to a pediatrist and said that I had Plantar big deal....easy fix. Little did I know that my life was about to change forever!

First we started with basic store bought insoles and taping my feet. No big change. Next was individually made orthotics, taping my feet and anti-inflamatory drugs....nope, there was a minor improvement but by the end of a twelve hour shift in the hospital...i couldn't even walk unassisted to bed at night. Next was cortisone injections directly into the bottom of my heel. Only one word describes that experience OUCH! but the did admittedly improve my foot pain, that is until the steroid wore off in about 3 weeks. I ended up having 3 doses of injected steroid, which by the way, is the max! Next was orthotics, taping, cortisone, icing and Physical Therapy...same as before. I had a reasonable drop in my pain but the minute I stopped it was like I'd never had any treatment.

So finally I was sent back to my family doc and after much testing, poking, prodding, blood giving...I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

Since then, hmmm, well I'm not sure if it's been an uphill battle or a downward spiral but either way it's been HARD. Such a simple word to use, but no other word really describes it. This disease sucks! It attacks at will, and you never know from day to day, hour to hour, what your health is going to be like. I have my good days....but right now it feels like there's alot more bad than good......

to be continued