Sunday, January 17, 2010

We've passed the halfway mark!!!!!!!!

So I'm 21 and a half weeks....the halfway point has finally been passed! Now it kind of feels like I'm getting somewhere :-) nine months is a loooong time.

Since my last post we had our amniocentesis and all the chromosomes are perfect...insert sigh of relief here...We also had our 20 wk ultrasound and our little baby girl is just over 12 oz and was all curled up in a ball. It was quite cute, we even got to see her yawn. So far she's right on track and everything looks to be normal and healthy.

My health has been up and down. Luckily I'm having more ups than downs right now tho. Some days I feel pretty good and others I spend most of the day in the bathroom, so I don't plan too far in advance. It's weird but for some reason the more I move around the more sick to my stomach I get, which doesn't make getting out of the house much fun. My husband is a saint...he's started driving out of the way routes to places so that he'll be able to pull over at a moment's notice for me to hang my head out the door and hurl...what a lucky guy huh? lol

The holidays were quiet...just me and my hubby at home...and we're getting back into the swing of things in this new year that is going to totally change our lives forever :) My Fibro has been pretty non-existent throughout the pregnancy, in this second trimester I'm having more pain than before, but nothing like my pre-pregnancy pain. It will suck when it all comes rushing back, but I'm greatful that I'm not battling morning sickness AND fms pain at the same time.

My tummy feels like it's expanding exponentially everyday...yikes...those last couple of months are going to be a might uncomfortable...I can tell already. We've come up with a name...but of course we're second guessing ourselves who knows what we'll end up with...either way it will be a secret until she's born.

All in all things are going well. Thanks for all the support folks! I love u all!

May the new year bring you happiness and joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!