Monday, January 26, 2009

finally recovered from the flu...

So since my last post I spent about 3 weeks with the flu from Hell! Ick. Hence I've been rather lax with my blogging on all fronts. I still have a cough but the fever, aches and general exhaustion seem to have left the body. So I'm back!

Thanks to ALL who left the awesome comments on my last entry. I've since then gained some perspective on the situation. I had already come to the conclusion that surgery is too extreme for me at this point...but all your points are totally valid, and well received. I've finished my trial of Mirapax to help with the restless legs and I'm elated to report that I think it's making a big difference in my sleep. I actually wake up because I've been in the same position too long,and that is unheard of for me! Usually I travel all over the bed and beat up my husband in the process. Now that I'm over the flu, I'm also noticing that I'm not as exhausted all the time. It's hard to tell though if that's just the ebb and flow of the fibro or that there is a difference with taking the meds. So we'll see how I feel in a couple of months.

I feel like I have a better perspective on things at this point and I know that part of that is not being so damn exhausted all the time. It makes life seem so much more livable when you have energy. I know that sounds totally idiotic, but it really is true, and when you are living in constant pain and exhaustion your reality becomes about the negatives and what you don't have, or can't do. Once some of the pain and tiredness go looks completely different. No wonder I take drugs for'm all over the map, as evidenced by my blogging. :)

What I know at this point is that I've started eating better and I'm more alert and able to function better mentally. Physically I'm trying to get moving more, but no major progress in that area yet. It's on my radar though and I hope to get into a schedule over the next couple of weeks that improves my exercise. I have to pace myself or I know my body will wage a revolution of biblical proportions and I'll fall flat on my face....wish me luck.

I hope everyone out there is feeling OK and that you all are able to have a modicum of joy in your life each day.

take good care!