Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yay it's Saturday!

AAAAAAAHHHHH Saturday, is quite possibly the best day of the week. One can sleep in late, no work has to be done, you can stay up late, and still not have to worry about going back to work until Sunday. I never really appreciated the beauty of a Saturday when I did shift work, since my days off were all over the place....but now that I work 5 on and 2 off, for the first time in my life I don't have to work on weekends, I've really come to appreciate this day. sigh

This week seemed like a long one. I think my body still isn't 100% recovered from the flu, so I went through most days in an exhausted blur. It's funny how still, yet again, some more...I (unconsciously, I hope/think) try to fight the fibro and be "normal", whatever that is. I went through Monday and Tuesday, just dead ass tired but plodded through. But then by Wednesday, I was past the point of over-exhausted and I STILL had to convince myself to go lay down for a nap. Why do I continue to do this, I just don't know. A nap is such a simple thing....but wow can it make a difference. I slept and felt soooo much better afterwords. Life just seems so much easier to cope with when I've had a little sleep. The telling thing is however, that when I went to work Thursday, 3 separate people stopped me and said I "must be feeling better" and that I "finally had some color back in my face".

I just have to shake my head, it really spotlights for me how hard I'm still fighting this disease. Even now when I feel like I've really embraced it and tried to integrate it into my day and work with it instead of against it. I'm sensing I still have some more work to do in this
I'm such a creature of habit, and my habit has always been to work harder and stronger at everything. I'm digging myself a whole here and still trying to figure out how to find a happy medium. I know that this is just part of the learning experience s we humans struggle with. It's not made better or worse by my's just highlighted and prompting me to work on this particular issue probably quicker than I would have without the disease....that at least is a good thing.

well i'm off to enjoy my Saturday folks! Maybe I'll even take a nap! lmao


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been tagged

So apparently I've been tagged and now I need to write a six word pressure! LOL

Living...Last life to next life!

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now for the fun part...the following people have been tagged
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and that's all I'm going to tag for now, cuz I don't post on a whole lot of blogs, but I do read several....these are 3 that I read regularly tho.

Anyone else that feels like continuing this memoir string please feel free to say that I was the one who tagged you....I'll even add ur blog to the above list!

have a good night folks


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Did you miss me????

So yes at long last I'm back on the blog. As I said in my last blog, I lost the race with our puppy to the scooby snacks. Turns out I broke my rib....OUCH. Then if that wasn't bad enough....I caught the flu shortly after that, so I was pretty much K.O.'d for a good week and a half. I started feeling appreciably better this weekend so I'll be back at work tomorrow.

The good news however is that I did get to see the rheumy who specializes in fibromyalgia, this past week. He took me completely off the amitryptaline/elavil. I was taking it to help me get to sleep at night. He was surprised that my docs put me on it. His concern is that all it does is promote weight gain, which oddly enough is what I've been doing since I've been on it. At least I know it wasn't ALL my doing! So in it's placed we have doubled the amount of cymbalta that I take, which is great. One, because I really have alot of reduced pain with the cymbalta, and two, I always like it when I can get off one of my meds as opposed to add another one. My concern was not being able to get to sleep, but I've always taken my cymbalta in the morning. Now I take double what I have been, but at night. I started this on Wednesday night, and with the exception of last night I've been sleeping reasonably well. One night of not sleeping is much better than the avg for me so no complaints so far. The increase has upset my stomach a fair bit, but I'm told that that will be a temporary side effect so all's good. The best part is that I have noticed less pain since the increase, which ultimately is my goal, so what's my conclusion thus far???? Four days in...and so far it's two thumbs up! I'll keep you all posted on that though.

The doc also suggested I get a "hydropillow" which is as the name indicates, a regular pillow that has some water in it too. He said that he's found in his fms patients that these pillows really help decrease the neck and shoulder stiffness, and pain. I haven't picked one up yet but hopefully this week. He gave me a bunch of stretches to do, morning and night, just to keep my muscles stretched and relaxed, I'm hoping now that I'm feeling better I'll be able to get into a routine with all of this stuff.

And of course, as all fibromites know....exercise is our friend! kind of....Even he states that initially it's going to hurt, but in the long run, it will go a long way to promoting better muscle health and hopefully less intense flares. With my rib I'm kind of limited right now, but I'm working towards the exercise routine slowly. In the past I've always tried to jump right in there and set up a routine of working out 5-6 days a week....and guess what???? can you believe it??? It never worked and I'd just give up! YES....I'm slowly, little by little....starting to see the errors of my ways! So now my goal is to get to the gym at least twice in 7 days and stretch at least once daily.....we'll see where that takes me.

So all in all it was a good visit. I go back in 5 weeks to see how the med change has worked and we'll go from there. At least I feel like I have a workable and reasonable plan for now!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Checking in...

I thought I'd put up a quick post before going to bed. It's been a long week with our budding "adolescent" which has taken a toll on me. I am however, proud to announce that I was really good at taking care of myself this week in spite of the hormones that were raging in our house LOL. Taking the time when I needed to instead of doing laundry or washing the kitchen floor, which really needs it by the way...really helped me to not get overwhelmed with my disease and the daily crap that arises. So kudos to me I guess.
My biggest issue was having my dog trip me and falling down the stairs on Monday....ouch....the muscle that was already torn....yup not so much healing now! The rest of my back has gotten to the stage that it's just stiff, so I'm back to square one, with the back....but what can you do. Lots of ice the first couple of days and then it's been heat the last day or so....slowly but surely it will get better???? i hope!
It sucks to not heal as well as one did when we were younger and then add fms into the mix and you create a muscle nightmare lol.....yikes

hope everyone is well....fight the good fight


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Yea for the weekend!

The best thing about weekends for me living with the opportunity to sleep! Man o Man do I love my sleep! After a week of working and everyday life it's feels so nice to get caught up. Slept in until almost 11 a.m. then my son was out playing with friends so I took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and now it's almost 10pm and I'm off for some more sleep.

I guess that's both good and bad. It is definitely a necessity so I have to catch up. The bad side is that as Cinders was saying in her last comment "do i have much of a social life?" ----nope. That's another part of the whole equation. Is my quality of life what it should be? or what the avg person's is? that's a pretty subjective thing to judge but I'd love to be out there snow shoeing or skiing or hiking or fishing, on the weekends as opposed to sleeping. I also try not to sleep alot when my husband is working out of town, because that's not really fair for my son. Luckily tho he's 12 now and is out with friends or snowboarding in the afternoons so I can sleep guilt free. Hopefully tomorrow won't be so tiring, but after groceries, lunch out, and hair cuts' today....I was drop dead tired. What r u going to do?

have a good weekend everyone......and oh by the way......I love the fact that this blog is starting to reach other people! it's great to hear other's experiences, it brings alot of hope and normalcy to a situation that feels really out of control and crummy! So thanks guys!!!!