Thursday, March 6, 2008

Checking in...

I thought I'd put up a quick post before going to bed. It's been a long week with our budding "adolescent" which has taken a toll on me. I am however, proud to announce that I was really good at taking care of myself this week in spite of the hormones that were raging in our house LOL. Taking the time when I needed to instead of doing laundry or washing the kitchen floor, which really needs it by the way...really helped me to not get overwhelmed with my disease and the daily crap that arises. So kudos to me I guess.
My biggest issue was having my dog trip me and falling down the stairs on Monday....ouch....the muscle that was already torn....yup not so much healing now! The rest of my back has gotten to the stage that it's just stiff, so I'm back to square one, with the back....but what can you do. Lots of ice the first couple of days and then it's been heat the last day or so....slowly but surely it will get better???? i hope!
It sucks to not heal as well as one did when we were younger and then add fms into the mix and you create a muscle nightmare lol.....yikes

hope everyone is well....fight the good fight



aplseed said...

I have been so busy since starting the 12 hr shifts that I mainly rest and hibernate the 4 days off so I am ready to go again the next 4 days.I have had trouble keeping up with my photography let alone blogging.

As for me , The new desk job is helping in some ways, Alot less pain through out the day, but I find sitting 12 hrs not too good, so I am starting to get up and walk on a break during the night. Hope that helps.

The tens unit is my main worry right now, I seem to be more irritated around the sites for the electrodes. I find if I don't wear it a few days I get more spasms in the back and have trouble getting good rest. Wake up in alot of pain and unable to sit orstand up. Where next? May have to discuss having the neuro stimulator implanted along the spine.

Cinders said...

Hi Hobbz, hope your back is starting to ease up a bit? Poor you falling over the dog. ouch!
I was reading you other post about the diminished quality of life. It os so frustrating not to be able to do all these things with your kids. we havnt had any snow here for a few years. But I cant even run around the garden with the football (soccer). Like I used to with my nearly 12 year oldd.
My brains dead I cant remember what I was going to say!!!LOL DOH!!
Oh yeah, dont know about you but computer games make me feel sick and dizzy so I cant even play those with my son and board games!! Brain fog.