Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've been M.I.A....

So it seems like forever since I've been able to post something, I'm sure you were beginning to wonder where I've been. Well, continuing with my great and "healthy" 2008, I've somehow torn my rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Wow, a whole new definition of pain has been discovered. I've been in absolute torture, which makes me sound really wimpy, but fuck it hurts! I've read lots of stuff on the internet that says, "you make experience discomfort when you lift your arm" or it may hurt to lie down...well let me tell you for the first 5 days I was at the doctor's twice and a massage therapist once, popping narcotics and anti-inflammatory pills and all I could do was pace. There wasn't a single position that wasn't excruciating. So now I'm on my super duper narcotics and I slap a lidocaine patch on for 12 hours and I'm hovering somewhere around not quite bearable. I've never quite experienced anything like it.
The doctor is sure that it's my rotator cuff, but the orthopedists won't accept me as a patient until I "fail physical therapy"'s taken a week and a half to get a physical therapy appt., which is in 4 hours and I have to go for at least a week maybe two, to determine that it isn't helping. To be quite honest, this is way ridiculous. Just give me the damn MRI and decide whether or not you're going to do surgery! I'm not looking forward to another 3 weeks of this, before maybe, I might, on an outside chance possibly get an appt with a doc who can actually relieve my pain. ick.
So I wanted to rant and let you know I'm still alive, but that's my limit for sitting at the puter....


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