Monday, June 30, 2008

Wow...meds that work?!!!!!

So we finally got me on Celebrex, which made an instant impact on improving my shoulder pain! Yea!....we've actually discovered that my problem is in my neck and not my shoulder, who knew? I in fact am having trouble with my c5 and c7 vertebrae. I had an MRI done last week and will see my doctor on Thursday. To my untrained eye the results of the MRI look bad, but I'm hoping that my doc doesn't see it that way...ick.

But since the meds are working, I'm hoping to be back up and running with my blogs. I tooks some great pics this weekend when we were out camping and will try to post them in the next couple of days.

As for my fibro? It's been up and down. It was funny, cuz when I was taking the heavy duty narcotics, I was feeling pretty good as far as the fms the narcotic haze it never dawned on me, that it was actually the narc's doing their job...lmao...sometimes I'm a little slow! One of the side effects of oxycotin is that it worsens restless leg syndrome, from which I do NOT repeat NOT want to do that again. I've never had so many long nights of no sleep in a row...not to mention pacing around the house so I wouldn't go crazy with my legs...keeps me from wanting to be addicted that's for now I'm in wait and see mode and just enjoying (if you can say that) only living with fibro and not my shoulder pain too. How weird life is!

I'll keep you posted on my doc appt. hope everyone is well! It sure feels nice to be back online!!!!



Cinders said...

Hi Hobbz,
glad you're back on-line. great that the celebrex is working for you.Its interesting thpough isnt it that these drugs do not work for FMS. I've had so many conversations with newly diagnosed people who's GP's have put them on Advil or one of the cox-'s but they dont help. Interesting about the oxycontin. I hate that restless leg thing. its like doing the Highland fling all night!! So you're not going to turn into 'House' then?LOl. I find that the Butrans patches dont have that side effect which is just as well.
Oh Josh is speaking to us again now!!! speak soon

Relaxed said...

Hi Hobbz,
I am sorry you are having so many problems with your legs. I have a blog that tells about my living with restless legs. I have found relief without medication. The meds I took never really helped and I didn't have any quality of life. I was desperate to find something else.