Tuesday, November 2, 2010

long week

Well it's been a long week! Winter has definitely arrived in Alaska, and I'm feeling woefully unprepared for it mentally. I can already see the decline/change in my health.

Also feeling the impact of a lot of losses this week. I've lost some key pillars that I relied on in my life over the last year, and when I'm on my own, with a struggling teen and an infant I have no experience with, I feel pretty overwhelmed. Some of those pillars were people and some were ideals that I had on how things would play out under certain circumstances....I guess either way they are losses.

So colder weather and mental stress always triggers the fibro. Still not sleeping well, and feeling more pain because of it. It's like a vicious circle, when one thing falters it becomes a horrible snowball effect that leaves one exhausted and in pain. It's a lot harder to keep positive during these times....the good part is, that even though I feel poopy, I'm still better off now on the new meds than before...so I guess it could always be worse right?

cup half full and all that :0)



Sue Jackson said...

Oh, so sorry to hear you're not doing well this week. I can't imagine winter starting this early! Though I did hear it snowed in my hometown on Halloween...

Hope things turn around for you soon.


Missie said...

I'm now on Neurotin and Celebrex along with all my other cocktails. I've been feeling not to bad since starting but I'm afraid of what I'll feel like when winter rolls around.

Hope you're feeling better this week.