Monday, November 5, 2007


So my goal is to not only promote awareness of Fibromyalgia, but also for me to reach a point where I'm comfortable with the fact that FMS is part of my life, but to remember that I am not
FMS. Does that make sense? I have it and I live with it and I'm even impacted by it almost every minute of everyday.....but that doesn't mean that it's taken over and I've lost me. I'm still the same person I was pre-fibro, I just have more hurdles to jump now.

This perspective is easy to keep when I'm feeling good, however when I'm over tired, in chronic pain, and my senses are on overdrive it's hard for me to keep that positive perspective. I wear one of those rubber bracelets ( like the yellow LiveStrong ones), the main one for FMS is purple (cool color) and it says "Fibromyalgia is real" on it. My newest idea though is to get a tatoo of the purple ribbon that symbolizes FMS for me. I know that alot of people feel that tatoo's aren't the way to go, but it's a way for me to remember, that while FMS is a part of's not all of me, and it also opens up for conversations about what FMS is, with others.

I'm just kicking around the idea right now, I have Thurs/Fri off this week so I'll see what the possibilities are then. It may just be my birthday gift to myself....who knows. I'll keep you posted.

My feet haven't gotten any worse with my new shoes/orthotics so I guess I'll count that as good. Other than that my symptoms have been reasonably mild the last week or so. The weekends are always a time for me to catch up on my sleep...and let me telll you I take advantage of that.

I'm not feeling real chit chatty today so I'll post again later this week.
To all my fellow fibromites....I hope you are all well, and if least taking care of yourselves!



aplseed said...

I don't know about tattooing a ribon,where would you wear it?

I know this is the hardest thing ,for anyone with a chronic health issue. I hold on to my photography so I may associate myself with my tallents instead of being defined by my pain.

Hey thanks for congratulating me on my new job,yes it was just what I needed at this time,and evenn if it is busy and there are alot of things I have to learn,lots of steps I need to get organized to make the work flow easier,I think I will adjust well. My body is already responding to not being abused consantly. I wear my tens each day just in case something comes up,like standing at the scaner for 30 min or while walking to the cafe downstairs.

I have been bushed physically. Getting adjusted to 10 hr shifts and the days being so short since the sun rises on my way to work and is setting when I get off work.The exhaustion builds up through the week till fFriday I can't keep my eyes open all day. Even dozed off reading abook at lunch,LOL Still it is all good.

I hope the orthotics work out to be of big assistance to you.They may take some getting used to,your feet have been used to not having that support,for a while I bet they are going to feel strange,may even be uncomfortable while you train your muscles into the new position.Take it easy on your self,whenever possible take off the shoes and put your feet up.

hobbz said...

Sooo glad to hear the job is going well. Even though you are working 10 hour shifts, I'm sure your body will appreciate the 3 days off to rest. When I was on 10's I'd spend the first day resting, but then still had two days to enjoy for my weekend.
It will all work out the way it needs to, I truly believe that!