Sunday, December 2, 2007

New symptom/different twist?

So yesterday, for the second time in a couple of months, I woke up feeling super stiff and sore. Now with fibro I always wake up sore, but this feels like what happens when you workout waaaaay too hard and all your muscles have been taxed to the max. It's truly a different twist on the disease for me. Normally my pain is a radiating pain in my legs mostly, but also my shoulders and neck. this new pain is every single muscle in my body! Like honestly, and I feel dumb saying this, but my fingers and toes are quite painful, even my facial muscles...and it just happens out of the blue. Today it's there a little bit, but nothing like yesterday. I don't know how to avoid it, since I haven't done anything out of the ordinary, so I've just used these days as a day to do a little self care and focus on me for awhile....hmmm that part of it isn't so bad.

As I'm typing this I'm wondering if it sounds like I'm always complaining, cuz that's honestly not my intent with this blog. On the other hand this disease is relentless and it's ALWAYS present in some way shape or form. My wish is to capture these moments when they happen so that those who are fortunate enough to not have this disease, can get a glimpse into what it's like to live with fms....and two that other fibromites cand hear, see, feel that they are not alone. We all have commonalities, even if the only common thread is that fms is completely unpredictable.
does any of this make sense? This is kind of like having a conversation with myself...which isn't all bad for me....but yikes now people have a glimpse into what goes on in my mind! lmao....scarey isn't it....insert gasping laughter here....

Migraines have been another concern for me lately (yes I'm jumping all over the place)....I've had some of the worst of my life! I've started working out at the hospital, and I'm hoping that will help relieve some of this mysterious pain...and cut down on the migraines. Nothing like blinding head knock you right out. i'm jumping all over....and seem to be having a hard time communicating any logical sequence of thoughts....not sure why...but the fog is ever present today....which yes is another symptom....jump....bounce....jump.....hey look a turtle.....jump....bounce.....ok enough is enough.




aplseed said...

One of the most agrivating things about FM, IMHO.

I have wakened stiff and in pain every day for several years now. It chases me from the bed before I have gotten enough rest.

It is hard I think to write about FM and not sound like you are complaining too much. There are just so many different symptoms that go along,and on any given day one or more symptoms can jump out from the rest. That is why I think it is so hard for non FM to understand.

We know our bodies,and we know what we should not do to avoid pain,but it is hard to do. Today for instance.I could have sat at a table at lunch with a chair,but to visit coworkers I shared a booth.This booth was short and I found my Rt thigh resting on the raised edge. Most ppl would not have a problem with that, just a little fidgetting. But with the FM I am so much more sensitive. The deep ache in my rt. thigh where I sat on that edge is still aching now hours later. How do you explain something like that to someone who has never experienced the over sensitive pain responses?

hobbz said...

Ouch I hear your pain aplseed! This stiffness that I have is more severe and widespread than my normal state of waking in's soooo tricky this disease.

Your right though, sometimes you have to guage the cost of doing something now, that you know you will pay for later, How do you explain that the uneveness of the bench at lunch is going to haunt you well into the night????

Take a warm bath and I hope your leg feels better soon....
thanks for all your comments too!