Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A new day dawns....

So a new day has come and I'm not feeling so "rant-ish" today; Lucky for you! LOL

Today fms has brought complete and utter exhaustion, which isn't all that surprising given everything I have on my plate right now. I'm trying to just ride it out and to identify it as it is....and for today all it is is fms. It's not me, just the disease. It was VERY hard to get out of bed this morning, and when I did everything just hurt....but here I sit and its early evening and I made it through the day, with my wits somewhat intact.

The good news is, and I don't think I've posted this yet, is that I have an appt. on the 19th of March with a rheumatologist, here in Anchorage, who specializes in FMS. Yea! I'm really hoping that he can help me manage the disease better than I am now, since I'm really struggling right now. I heard about this guy through a lady that works in the same building as me, obviously she has fibro too. I'll update you on the results.

I'm also still struggling with my torn back muscle, which if memory serves, I mentioned a few posts back. The frustration is it takes so much longer for muscle's to heal with's a long and slow process....heat and Tylenol are good friends. I also bought a couple of those adhesive warming patches. I'm not entirely sure that they help fix the muscle problem, but it sure does decrease the pain, so I give them 2 thumbs up. I'm open to any and all suggestions though.

I'll keep it short and sweet (debatable) and sign off....I'm just trying to get into a habit of posting regularly.

until next we meet!


Cinders said...

Hi Hobzz. I'm glad you found me!
What meds do you take for the FM? I know insurance is a huge issue over there. thank goodness we have the NHS!! I couldnt afford my batch of meds. Its taken me a long time to get the medication sorted so I hope your visit to the FM specialist will help you. heres what I take;
Cymbalta (Iwas already on this for depression, but it helps the pain too), Amytriptilene-just 20mg at night to help me sleep, Lyrica 200mg twice a day, very good for the burning, nerve pains and finally the Butrans patches (morphine). The patches have been THE best thing I've taken for the pain. they do have side affects-nausea, constipation, so I take meds for those too! but I feel its worth it. i've been on them since december and am now really noticing a difference. I ache still and am not 100% pain free, but compared to what it was like this aching is like you've had a busy day at work, or been shopping for hours on end.
unfortunately nothing helps the fatigue. BUt I'm finding that because I'm not in dire agony, the exhaustion isnt as bad and the fog isnt as bad.
When I saw my Rheumy at the end of 06 he sent me to a clinic at the local hospital, hilariously called 'Energy for Life'!!! it was for people with chronic pain and fatigue. We looked at the psychology of being chronically sick, how it f*cks your life up totally and we did circuit training. it was a good clinic. I have also had CBT which I'd strongly recommend if you havnt already had it.
I do GENTLE exercise 3 x per week. I'm lucky enough to belong to a gym with a warm baby pool and hydrotherapy pool. I swim 10-14 baby lenghts and use the hydro pool. When I first started swimming I was so weak I could only manage 1/2 a baby lenght! and I was only managing 6-8 baby lenghts until this last few weeks which is because the patches have kicked in. I did 16 lenghts yesterday. I am so rpoud of myself. I know about it though today!!! its really important to find some sort of exercise even though you're so exhausted and in so much pain. personally I cant do land based exercise but everyones different.
I hope your back is easing up? Do you have a TENS machine? I bought mine on offer from BOOTs in the U.K. they're online Dunno how much they cost over there? It really helps my neck and lower back. which reminds me I'm off to put it on now as my neck is killing me!!

Oops I've written a book! but this is my FM survival guide!!!
Look forward to keeping in touch with you

hobbz said...

Cinders...what a great post filled with so much to comment on...I'm just going to do a full blown post in response!