Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wow 3 posts in 3 record LOL

Cinders had so much wonderful information in her comments to my last post, I thought I would just respond to them in this post so here goes.

I'm not so sure that I've listed all of the meds that I take daily, thus far. I've mentioned them separately but here goes the list....

-CYMBALTA 30mg daily. This is a "two-fer" does double duty helping with depression as well as pain control. I love it, it did wonders for my pain.

-TRAMADOL 50mg every 4-6 hours...technically I should only be taking four a day but usually it's more like 5 with extra strength TYLENOL as well

-AMITRIPTYLINE 50mg at night, which is also a mild anti-depressant, but I take it to help me sleep.

those are my fibro meds....I also take DOSTINEX twice a week for a pituitary tumor, PRILOSEC daily since my inactivity with the fms has contributed to me blowing up like a whale (whole different topic), and last but certainly not least I take MAXALT for frequent migraines.
Sometimes I feel like I'm a walking pharmacy here....ack. I like the idea of a morphine patch, if it would cut through the pain in my legs...but that's a big step and one I don't want to be taking while I'm working. The good thing is that I can bring all of this info to my rheumy appt in March and see what he would suggest. I know that the lady that referred me to this doc. said that they experimented until they found the right medication fit for that sounds very promising.

Next on the hit list is EXERCISE which goes right in line with my weight. I'm really struggling in this area right now, and I'm not sure what the block is for me. I've been losing weight with the help of a bariatric doctor and have done quite well. But I've taken a break from it for the last month or so, in order to get my head into the right place to make it all work together and stick for good. I'm done with going up and down all the time, and it sure as hell isn't helping my body any. Exercise is my biggest obstacle right now. It seems sooooo hard to stay on track and keep up the motivation. I start work at 6am so I can't workout before work, which in the past has been what's worked for me....instead I've been trying (using that word very loosely here) to go after work. The problem is that by the time I get off I'm soooo friken tired and the pain has really kicked it up a notch and the last thing I want to face is doing something physical. I've got a free weeks pass to a local gym that has a warm pool as well as a cold pool and it sounds like that might be helpful from what Cinders has done. so thanks Cinders I will definitely try that out this week.

I've thought about a tens unit,but haven't gone so far as to purchase one, it's on my question list for the rheumy though. Like I've posted before, our jetted bathtub and our new heated mattress pad have gotten me through alot of rough days! yea!

It's so nice to hear someone else's experiences and what does and does not work for them.....that's why I started this blog in the first thanks Cinders for your comments!

I have a link to Cinders's site in the left hand column of this blog, check it out it's really good!



Cinders said...

Hi Hobzz,
I hope I wasnt sounding patronising? I'm taking 60mg of Cymbalta and I did take 100mg of tramadol at a time so perhaps having them upped may help. Taking Morphine is a big decision. I stopped driving last April-'07 because I was too drugged up and didnt feel safe behind the wheel. infact the DVLA have taken my license away until I feel more able to drive. Which as long as I'm on morphine will be never! I dont think I could manage it physically now either.
Also regarding exercise-I dont work so I have the time. I well understand your level of pain and exhaustion after a days work. I'd be straight home to bed if it was me and nothing else would get done around the house!
do have any social life? I manage to get out from time to time. we have an engagement party tommorrow night, so all of today and tommorow I'm staying in, resting so I have the energy for Saturday night.
chat to you soon. BTw if you want to exchange e-mails address's let me know.

Diane J Standiford said...

Being able to connect with others who know the pain of FMS is priceless. My patner has suffered with it for over 25 years, started after a head-on car crash at 50mph...used to be people (her family) just thought she was crazy.

hobbz said...

No Cinders you did NOT sound the least bit patronizing! I value the experiences of others with this disease so please keep your comments coming!
At this point my social life is pretty limited, I feel like I'm always cancelling on people. I have the best intentions but then when the time comes, often I'm exhausted and overwhelmed. I read once that those with chronic pain/diseases need to learn to accept all inivtations with a definitive MAYBE! I'm still working on that skill. And yes Diane it's nice to hear from people who can understand what we go makes it feel much less alone!