Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How very cool!

It's sooooo nice to have people checking in and leaving comments on my blog! Thanks guys! As all of you know, it can be alot of work keeping up a blog and my main goal is to open a dialogue so that people out there with these chronic diseases don't feel so alone.

All have you have helped me feel not so helpless. Sometimes I feel like I'm just putting my deepest thoughts out there and people read, but don't comment...then I start to doubt what I'm saying and doing....I really REALLY appreciate all of you out there who read my blog and comment on it....and all of you who support me with this means the world to me.!

So my husband gets home Friday, and then his surgery is on Monday YIKES! I felt bad because he said that he felt like he couldn't show me if he has pain after surgery because he doesn't want me to worry about what lies ahead for me...we truly are in a unique situation. While I love the fact that he's thinking about me, it's important that he gets what he needs during the 9 days between our two we'll have to really work on that.

We're trying to focus on having some quality time together and with our son, where we can play games, watch movies, and just hang out. My in-laws will be here for a week shortly after I get out of the hospital, so that will certainly help us out alot, and of course I know that our son is always happy to help out too. From what I've heard the recovery is reasonably pain free so the key will just be getting help lifting groceries and will be interesting that is for sure!

lol....right now I'm choosing to laugh, for fear of'll see how that holds up in a week or two.
Again thanks sooooo much for all of your support!



Donimo said...

The blogosphere can be a very cool place, indeed. It is tough to keep a blog going and I know that comments on my blog have been a real salve/boost for me.

Have fun with your films and such pre-surgery. I'm glad to hear that recovery can be low on the pain scale and that you have some help from family. You do have a very unique situation. Your husband's recovery could be the same or very different from yours, so maybe try not to be too predictive about your surgery process when you see him go through his. Day by day, yes?

hobbz said...

I think you are very correct, I've tried to prepare myself for the fact that my recovery with fms will be quite different from his. Fibro makes everything a little more