Friday, September 26, 2008


Whew...made it through yet another week, and this one was a doosey! I started a week ago today, with the worst headache of my life. I get migraines frequently, but honestly this had me thinking I was gonna after a trip to the ER, a CT scan, and many IV drugs I made it back home. The thought is that now, of all things my blood pressure is sky high and that this might be the underlying cause of the headache. So, it's off to the doctor, some more, yet again, one more probably get yet another pill to take daily. ack!

The good news though was that my neck appt went really well. No more Brace....Sweet! I can start to do non-weight bearing exercise so that's a plus, I'm gonna sign up this weekend at a cheap gym. The bone graft isn't fused yet but he suspects it will take at least 6 I'm on my own for 4 more months.

Work has been crazy busy. I'm covering for a vacationing co-worker, doing my old position and my new position....yup crazy making I tell you. Many hours of overtime...hey wait....wasn't I supposed to be cutting back? Yikes. Only 2 more weeks and I'm happily working from home. Ooooh it will be so nice. My boss is also thinking that she will still need me after the new year so this could go on indefinitely, which would make my life mucho wonderful.

Other than that I've been spending all my "free" time...working on icky math homework with my son (you should see what they're doing these days...way over my or more often than not...sleeping. Which is where I'm off to now. i have to make sure I sleep tons this weekend because I'm sure next week will be equally as busy as this one....

hope all is well in blog world!


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Cinders said...

Poor you. that migraine sounds dreadful.
I'm glad your neck is improving. whatch it at work ,all you need now is a huge flare.
I know what you mean about the maths homework. I gave up on it when my son was in year 4 (I think thats 3rd grade for you!!)