Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ups and Downs

It's definitely been a week of ups and downs. My FMS has kinda settled down since my last post, but now I'm preparing to throw it into flux again..."preparing" u ask? Voluntarily you ask? Why? Well my husband and I have decided to try and get pregnant. Part of that, means weaning off some of my meds., the ones i'm most scared of not having is my pain meds. Ack! I'm not quite sure how to get thru a year with no pain meds. Has anyone else out there been in this situation? What did you do? I would greatly appreciate any input that you may have to offer.

Gladly though, other than being more tired than usual, my symptoms seem to be in a relatively goods spot right now. I of course, hesitate to write that for fear that I've now just jinxed

I hope all is well with everyone out there and appreciate any advice/experience you might have to offer with regards to pregnancy, fms, and medication.



Sherlock said...

I don't anything that might be helpful. My boys are grown now and pregnancy is a dim memory!! Good luck with everything!

Cinders said...

Good Luck! Cant help My FM started after the kids were born. But have you looked at FM association? They have advice , also is the site for FM in Britain. they have a forum and lots of people could advise you.
kep us posted.

Barbara K. said...

Best of luck! Have you been able to find a doctor or obstetrician who has worked with pregnant women who have FM? I would imagine that could be a great comfort. I also wonder about any alternative approaches to pain management that are compatible with pregnancy.

Sherlock said...

Miss you!! Hope all is well. Come on over to my place and pick up an award I gave you!

Damian said...

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