Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring has finally arrived

Spring has definitely sprung, here in Anchorage, Alaska... and that makes it just a little more difficult to focus on blogging. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. We are gaining more and more light by the day and it makes such a huge difference on how I feel. Not to mention the fact that it's amazing to be able to get out into the sunshine and be outside.

In terms of the is so-so at this point. It's 4a.m. and I've yet to fall asleep tonight, and that is pretty much par for the course for my last couple of weeks. I got all ambitious yesterday and pruned a whole 2 bushes and now is my body ever feeling it. My back is a mess and my neck and shoulders are so tight I've developed one whopping headache. I have to say that it's waaaay frustrating that such a simple task takes such a huge toll on the body.

I have this whole week off from work and my plan is to focus specifically on my physical and mental health. I'm going to start walking daily and try to lose some of these nagging pounds that are weighing me down, I'm going to check in at our local YMCA as well and maybe try some swimming since it's non-weight bearing I'm hoping it will help me not feel quite so much pain after working out.

My focus of late has very much been on self improvement, which I think is why I've shied away from blogging. I've been doing a lot of work around improving my self image and defining who I am, separate from being a wife, mother, employee, etc. This has proven to be a challenging journey, as I've found that I really don't like myself all that much. In turn I tend to beat myself up for not living up to my unrealistic expectations. Obviously being a fibromite this doesn't work in my favor...sooooo....I'm taking the steps necessary to change my old thinking patterns and I'm trying to replace them with healthy realistic tapes to play in my head.

I've spent a huge amount of time looking at what fms takes away from my life...I'm really at a point where I'd like to live life within my limitations, IN SPITE OF MY fms. Wow what a concept that is? I've always hoped, (when going thru difficult times) that this time I'll get it, and then I'll be done with self-discovery, and self-improvement. Reality is, however, that this life is a journey and I need to understand that I'll never just get "it" and be done...I'll always be in a state of flux and that's ok. It doesn't make me flawed, it just makes me human.

So my flawed self and I are trying to branch out and try new things. I've used my fibro as an excuse to hide from new things and experiencing life for too many months now. As long as I work within my bodies limitations I should be able to try and do all the things I've always loved and wanted to do. Just because I can't do a several day hiking/camping trip...doesn't mean I can't do easy hikes in town or short hikes close to town until my body builds up some stamina. My doctor has advised me that initially when a fibromite starts doing physical things the pain and punishment afterwards is quite bad, but, ...IF one can get past that period, the physical activities actually improve the pain and fatigue that accompany us day to day. So I'm going to give it a try and see how it works. I have a week to recover from any pain that I may inflict upon myself, right? lol

The key for me is to go slow and build up to things. I have a tendency to jump out there and try to do what I used to be able to do, and then get discouraged when that doesn't work. (notice I didn't use the word "fail") lol. So "baby steps" is the motto for this week. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

It all needs to begin, however with some sleep! So I'm off to stare at the ceiling some more and see if I can't get a few winks before my son is up and getting ready for school.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Diane J Standiford said...

Go for it! I need to focus more on my health too, walking experiment and all, sometimes ya just gotta throw caution to the wind.