Saturday, January 29, 2011

slowly but surely

Things are slowly returning to normal. Working from home is going better than anticipated. I've been able to do an hour in the evening and then about an hour and a half in the mornings, which is working well with the baby in the morning. Just about time that Emma has been up for about 45 min and is ready for some attention and oatmeal, I'm wrapping up my work and can attend to her needs.

My husband is home right now, and that makes a huge difference of course in the morning as he takes care of Emma and I can just focus on work. I sleep less when he is home, because he snores. I've found this past week my fibro has been kind enough to wake me up from midnight until about I'm definitely lacking in the sleep department. Naps have made it back into the schedule. I'd managed to eliminate them for several months and it was easier to sleep at night...but when I get way behind like this, I have no choice but to nap, otherwise my ability to deal with life and those around me is severely impaired.

I've had several migraines over the past 2 weeks which has been miserable. I was quite surprised when I went to pick up the migraine Rx that I've had for several years, to find out that it actually is contra-indicated with 2 of the meds that I've also taken for years. Why is it that the pharmacy is only just flagging this potentially deadly mix???? I'm not impressed to say the least! So luckily, thus far I haven't had any negative effects with my meds, but the flip side is, I'll have to find something else to take for my migraines. sigh. I'm wondering if I get something like ambien or Valium to help me sleep/relax, if that won't curb the migraines. The trick is to just take them as needed and not become dependant on them...that can be a slippery slope, and I don't want to put myself at risk for dependency issues. Man, while I'm soooo grateful for having found meds that improve my quality of gets pretty overwhelming managing them all, and sometimes I feel like I'm 102 yrs old when I look at all the pill bottles that I have in the cupboard....hahahaha

The weather has been pretty warm and stable lately which has helped my fibro pain considerably! yippee, I always support the weather when it cooperates with my body :)

I hope everyone is getting through the dreary months of winter ok. We are gaining over 5 min of sunlight a day at this point, which makes a huge difference in the amount of light we get over the course of a week. Summer in Alaska is as beautiful as it gets! 20 hours of sunlight a day and temperate temperatures...LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

take good care everyone!



Heather said...

ambien gave me really bad nightmares, I would be worried about taking anything like it. glad working at home is working for you.

Sherlock said...

I've been taking ambien nightly for about 5 years. Never a single issue of any kind. I haven't needed to take more as time goes on and some nights I forget to take it. The only adverse affect is that it takes me longer to get to sleep.

Working at home is wonderful! I'm glad it's working out with your schedule.

About that snoring? Years ago we finally gave up and started sleeping in separate rooms. We did that for years so I could sleep. His snoring was awful.

Then I talked him into going to the sleep clinic. Yep he had sleep apnea. For 12 years now he's been using a cpap machine and not a single night of snoring since. Just something to consider :)

Stay warm and enjoy the daylight.

hobbz said...

Thanks for the Ambien feedback, both of you. I took it while I was pregnant and it really really helped, so i will see what my doc thinks...I am going to try and see her this week. I know of other people Heather who have had all sorts of weird things happen to them when they took it too...but I'm hoping I'm one of the lucky ones like Sherlock. Right now I just take Tylenol PM and it's frustrating taking another pain med just for the benadryl to sleep...what to do what to do... hahahaha