Sunday, October 28, 2007

Didn't make much difference did I?

So I see my last post didn't really touch anybody. Maybe it is just me and Appleseed, and of course Bret (my husband) who reads over my shoulder at times. I'm told I probably haven't given it enough time for people to respond so I'll try to kid myself into thinking that's the case and see what happens.

In any case this is a place where I can vent and say what I need to say, so I guess I'll just keep doing that.

Since buying my new shoes I've only really had today to see how they feel, but so far so good. This week will really be the test though. So now I'm splining my wrist as needed and wearing supportive orthotics 24/7....quite the cripple I've become....

I'm just gonna stop here because, this is sounding really negative, and quite frankly that's wear I'm at right now. I hate being sick, I hate hurting, and I can't stand that my body has become my enemy and the one thing that I CANNOT rely here's hoping all the other fibromites out there are feeling better than I....or at least know that you are not alone!!!!

trying to take good care....jan

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