Sunday, October 14, 2007

Still surprised

This disease still never fails to surprise me. Yesterday I woke up in incredible pain. You know how you feel the day after you workout too hard? Well that's kind of how I was feeling, except it was every single muscle in my body....even my toes and fingers hurt. If I didn't know better I'd say I was hit by a Mack today, everything's back to normal. Too weird. Just the regular ache in my legs and neck today...I even feel rested, and I got less sleep last night than I did on Friday.

There are some things that are very predictable about FMS, and then others, more often then not just crop up out of the blue. I wonder why that is? Is it the lack of serotonin that makes our brains sense pain differently than everybody else...or is it that I'm just weird? I dunno! :)

It's been a week of ups and downs everyday held something different. At least I can't say that this disease is boring...lmao! What to do what to do?


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aplseed said...

That is why the medical community thinks it is in our heads,LOL

Now ,what to do on the job front.LOL

I had accepted a part time medication nurse job at an assisted living all the while still interviewing for other positions after the QA job fell through for me. I have had 2 interviews now for the same trucking comapany for a job that would be a desk job.And I really feel good about my chances since they actually called me in for a second interview with the other leaders of the department.The job is perfect for me,since I can deal with pain if sitting on the computer is all I have to do physically.Heck I do that at home anyway.LOL

Today I was supposed to go in and sign W2 papers for the nursing job,but I will hear about the trucking job by Friday,and don't want to make it any harder on the home by going in and wasting thier time or mine on paperwork when if this other job is offered I will have to tell the home I am not accepting the job anyway.
So I called and told her I had something come up and reset the appt. for tomorrow afternoon. I hate to play like this,it seems underhanded,but if the trucking job falls through I really need the part time nursing job. It is only one day till I find out afterall.But I can tell you I feel sick to my stomach over it.