Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My week off has come and gone already...sigh

My week off was truly wonderful!!!!!! The days seem to just fly by when you don't have to work. I felt like I accomplished alot, but I did pay for it some, and spent the following week using a cane. The culprit was pruning those damn lilac bushes...it sent my back and hip over the edge. I know my neighbors must think I'm crazy, with the sporadic bouts with a cane. "does she use a cane or not????" lol

As usual I was very aware of how much better I feel when I'm not working. I took half the pain meds I normally do, and I felt like I could rest when necessary and still have time for all the house stuff. It sends me right back into the dilemma of to why am I working? Outside of needing to support myself of course *grin*

I go thru this debate about every six months...and I just don't think there is a "right" answer on this one. So for right now I'm just continuing on as I have been and hoping that if the time comes where I need to quit...we will be in a financial situation that would make that feasible. My husband is so incredibly supportive of me no matter what and that really helps. My job flexibility is key too. If I didn't have the opportunity to work from home when I need to, I wouldn't be able to work at all...so really right now I guess I have the best of both worlds...hmmm never satisfied???? I don't know.

So the weather is still amazing and I've been able to hang up my cane for the time being so I've tried to continue to walk and keep working at moving, without overdoing it. Progress? you ask??? just maybe.....lol



Sherlock said...

Taking it one step at a time and building from each new step is the way to go. There will great days, good days, so-so days, bad days, and worse days no matter what you do. But the great, good, and so-so days will increase in frequency as you decrease stress by working and playing within your limitations. I think we all tend to overdo on those great days and pay for it later. But that's par for the course and is okay as long as maintain a good balance the rest of the time.

Speaking of lilacs -- I have one that's about 15 feet tall. I'd like to cut it back so it bushes out more instead of being so tall and leggy. Any suggestions as to when's a good time and how much I can cut back?

Humphry said...

It won't truly have success, I believe so.
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