Sunday, September 30, 2007

To thy own self be true!

Believe it or not I've found that even in the quagmire that is Fibromylagia, one can find a blessing, of sorts. This disease is unrelenting, it doesn't care if you're really busy, have to get a million things done, or even that you've planned a fun activity. Basically it strikes when it wants to.
The worst bouts though, can be brought on by stress, and for me this is very much the case. Within about an hour of getting angry, upset, arguing with family, staying up a little too late, pushing myself just a touch harder than I know is safe.....the pain will hit my body. Which sucks, but what it's taught me is that I have to put myself and my health first! I've always tried to put everyone else in my life first, and not ask for any help when I've needed it.
The same can be said to be true with my disease....I haven't talked about it much to others because I've not wanted to look vulnerable, weak, disabled etc....But all this has been to my detriment, because the more I work towards being as healthy as I can be, the more my body reminds me that I must put me first!
So this is a good thing, I have my ever faithful companion FMS at my side to remind me to slow down, rest, ask for help, be peaceful....whatever is needed at the time. I heard recently a lady that was speaking about feeling like it was her job to take care of everyone else in her life.....she came to the realization though, that it wasn't that she was necessarily "taking care" of them, but rather "focusing" on them.
This thought really rang true for's easier to focus on others so that I'm not left worrying about me. Where do you learn to make yourself a priority? I must have missed that class...or memo...or newscast what ever it was.
So my focus this week is to make sure that I get what I need to get done, done, and that my family is taken care of...but not at my expense, and more specifically my health's expense. I can't be a good employee, wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, etc etc unless I have my best self to put that's my goal for this moment....and hopefully the next moment....I'll keep you posted.....

take GOOD care of YOU!


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